|| songs for a friend ||

by Shelby Olive

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released March 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Shelby Olive Stow, Ohio

Indie Pop. Singer/Songwriter. New record, Bad for Me, out now!

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Track Name: Far Away Friend
Far away friend
These days feel so long
It's warm when you're near,
but it's cold now you're gone
Life's not the same when I'm alone in the rain
I wish you didn't go...why did you have to go?

Far away friend
Don't be afraid to cry
Just tell me your worries
and I'll tell you mine
You have a way with words, you know just what to say
But I miss your voice...yeah I miss you each day.

Far away friend
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Life gets in the way of the things I wanna do with you
This distance is killin' me, I'm lonely and afraid
But there's a voice in my head sayin' we'll be okay.
Track Name: Ripped Seams
Oh anxious mind
Why are you afraid to open up your eyes?
It's okay to lose your way
if it means you're stepping outside today.

Oh worried heart
Why does it seem like you've forgotten how to start?
Well lovin' hard and lovin' fast
and lovin' when the day has passed is worth a try.

Cause this life has a way of ripping at the seams,
But don't you know that
the beauty of it all will be revealed.
I will be there when the pain has washed away
and you're left with all the messy, broken parts
that make you you...
You'll make it through.

Oh little girl
It's been 20 years of living in this world
Somewhere deep down she is still inside
but growing up is something you can't hide from.

And it's okay
to not know what life will hit you with today.
Sometimes being in control is only damage to the soul,
there's comfort in the unknown.


This life has a way of ripping at the seams
and don't you think it's funny
how we tend to overthink?
In the end it doesn't matter cause the messy, broken,
lovely, little parts that make you you...
Will get you through.

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